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Monday morning, at 0:11, My grandfather took his last breath, and passed away in the Artificial coma he was put in 2 hours prior. Grandfather has lost the battle against his Brain tumor. This has been a big loss to our family, but we are relieved as well as sad. Grandpa didn't ' had a life' the last months, Being in the hospital for a long while and fighting this tumor we didn't even know about till a few months back. He had but one wish, to die at home. So a month ago he got fired from the hospital and went home as he wished, The first week he was still mobile, but the last three weeks he has been bound to the bed. not being able to move anymore. He began to lose the abilities to speak properly, and soon his lungs began filling up with fluid. it was then that the doctor had to calm him down with some meds, and brough him to sleep, My parents where there at that point and soon me and my brother were there to to say goodbye. His breathing became staggered and soon.. he died. With my grandma. my father ( his son) mother and two grandchildren around him.. He died knowing he was loved. by our entire family. and we will say goodbye to him this friday. Needless to say.. I am torn in emotions  I feel sad, upset, Relieved, happy, but most of all proud. 
I am proud of how he was able to overcome so many things during my life. He has been to the hospital so many times, for so many things. Heart lungs muscles and way more. The man truly had battle spirit, But that was also because of my grandma. who took care of him the best ways she could. If she had not done that we feared he was dead years back. She dressed him, cleaned him, Made his food made sure he took his meds, pricked him every meal for his diabetus and more. They loved eachother very much and were but a few months short to being maried 65 years. 
My grandfather died at the age of 86, and I will remember him as the grumpy, but kind hearted man he was. He was more then my grandfather, He was my friend, my buddy. and I certainly will miss him dearly. 
Some of you already know this news. But.. I just wanted to write this out, if you read this all then thank you for taking your time. And if you feel worried for me and want to talk to me you know how to reach me, but. Know that I am okay, I am spending these days with my family, We cry, we laugh, we joke, we memorize. We will be fine, We knew this would happen sooner then later. 

So. Dear Grandpa. Rest in Peace 


Dark Ganondorf by balthazar147
Dark Ganondorf
dark ganondorf. Or old manendorf, my latest Amiibo, A commission from my good friend, loosely based on ganondorfs white skin, with added edits on his request. I must say I am rather pleased with how it turned out. It is a rather late upload since he was finished one week ago, but nonetheless, here he is. now his dark amiibo army is completed, unless he wants a dark sheik too. :3
Please drop a comment or a like if you enjoyed it! I do enjoy reading feedback
Link, Step aside. by balthazar147
Link, Step aside.
so this one isn't /that/ spectacular, but I still rather enjoyed it. Zelda in a zero suit. Based on the colors of her dress, her boots, and the light bow. The only think that kind of doesn't fit here is the face due to it being samus's face, I am gettign a light Korra vibe from it, but all and all I do like it! Guess Zelda didn't want to wait on link any longer huh ?
the handyman by balthazar147
the handyman
So I recently bought the Bioshock infinite collectors edition after I beat the game ( gotta have that vigor) And it came with this little blue Handyman figure, and it is nice and all but I perfer some colors on it. so I descided to paint it over. Here is the result!

(  I have some plans on making somehting songbird related too, wether a figure or a pony crossover.. We'll see )
Midna and Wolf Link by balthazar147
Midna and Wolf Link
Since Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess comes out this week, Or rather the day I post this. I felt like making a little tribute to my Favourite Legend of zelda game and character: Midna.
This was a fun piece to work on, Originally I would make Link a pony aswell, But that felt a little out of place with his Wolf self.
thus the ''logical'' step was to look what I had to offer for a different forms, why not a flightless griffon? Midna is based on the Tiny blind bag-ish eggs rather then the traditional blindbag. making her apear smaller then a blindbag. Perfect for the size difference!
Also, stay tuned for those that follow me on youtube. I recorded the customs I still had to record. And will upload them in a bulk including Muffet and the Amiibo's. After that I will upload each time I made a custom.

Midna and Link are for sale! PM me if interested!
Muffet by balthazar147
After a few months of moving and being unable to ork on any big projects I can finally announce my return to my art. And I have some fun things planned for that indeed. Here is  Muffet, one of the bosses in Undertale. From all characters I personally find muffet to have the most fun design and it indeed was a challenge to make. in my past I haven't made Too many sculpts from Scratch, let alone human(noid) characters. So to make muffet was quite the challange. but, in my eyes. It was worth it. I am pretty satisfied with the result. And I hope you enjoy her too. and if not, Don’t be blue about it. Purple suits you much better Fuhuhuhu~


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Max Pigmans
Artist | Student | Other
Just a guy that loves to make things, I love to edit things, make my own figures based on already existing toys. but sometimes sculpt from scratch as well.

I use Polymorph plastic as my main sculpting material . And just cheep clay for bases and guidelines. I paint using Citadel paints

I am ( almost) Always open for commissions

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